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THA Range

THA Range



  • Unmatched combined benefits
  • Only Gravity can offer the benefits of flat platform rungs combined with box section side rails which give these exclusive combined benefits
  • Platform rungs give increased safety and comfort while reducing fatigue
  • The box side rails stop ladder ‘twisting’ in the way in which ‘C’ section side rail ladders do
  • The patented rung/side rail joint further prevents ladders ‘twisting’ in the middle whilst climbing
  • The box side rails give good sideways stability – about 2,5 times better than ‘I’ beam side ladders
  • Our rung/side rail joint reduces wear preventing loosening of rungs
  • The much larger ‘platform rung’ is about 4 times stronger than a round rung and will not bend
  • The stronger rung prevents rungs from pulling out of the side rail inwards
  • The larger rung prevents rungs ‘punching through’ the side rail
  • The ‘interlock’ side rails eliminate clamps and damage often associated with clamps
  • The Gravity safety ladder locks prevent accidental lowering of the ladder and related dangers
  • Square rungs prevent rung turn
  • Gravity rope and pulley system for easy extension

Model Range

REF. Rungs when closed Rungs when extended Closed
THA 1650 21 55 6.3m 16.5m 70kg
THA 1830 23 61 6.9m 18.3m 74kg
THA 2010 25 67 7.5m 20.1m 78kg

Extra Features