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SA Ladder delivers country wide around South Africa. ENQUIRE FOR!“All Customers are currently serviced from our Johannesburg Head Office/Warehouse and Edenvale branch. Delivery anywhere in South Africa can be arranged at a cost and for the customers own account and preferred courier service”.


With the 26% Equity Sale, SA Ladder has been elevated to a Level 3 BEE rating.
This will, however, improve as other requirements are met.

Growth continues at a phenomenal rate due to an upsurge in the building and retail industries.
All products manufactured by SA Ladder conform to both local and international standards.

SA Ladder manufactures various products under the following brand names:

  • Gravity – Aluminium Ladders
  • Superlite – Fibreglass Ladders
  • Eezeeroll – Wheels and Castors
  • Eezeescaff – Aluminium and steel scaffolding
  • Eezeethane – Polyurethane Wheels
  • Eezeelift – Warehouse and Materials Handling Equipment
  • Eezeelastic – Rubber Wheels with the Blue Trim
  • MRU – Urethane and Rubber Products
  • Silver Services – Metal Platers and Galvanizers



Castors for loads from 10kg up to 10 000kg. Our helpful, well informed sales staff will recommend the best castor for the job. Castors are available in various formats i.e. swivel, fixed and brake castors. For brake castors customers have a choice between wheel brakes, integrated brakes, lock wheels and swivel bearing, thumb screw brakes, directional locks convert a swivel castor to a fixed castor, when necessary. In certain applications castors are available with either bolt hole or plate fittings. When calling for castors the following information will help us to help you; total load to be carried including weight of trolley, floor condition, floor surface, application, hand pushed or towed, where used etc., static, intermittent or intensive use or any special conditions like dust, moisture, chemicals, extreme temperatures. Our castors are available with a variety of wheels, easily the biggest range available in Southern Africa. Whatever the application we are confident we have the solution.


Eezeeroll trolleys and roll steps are manufactured from top quality, hot rolled mild steel tubing. The majority of our products are electro plated for maximum corrosion protection. For use indoors, outdoors, warehouses, supermarkets and even on delivery vehicles. We manufacture a comprehensive range of two and four wheel trolleys to carry anything from beer crates to sacks to gas bottles.


Electronic and manual pallet trucks available with nylon or polyurethane rollers. Manual pallet trucks are the answer to pallet handling without tying up expensive equipment like forklifts. Also available with scale and printer. When pallets need to travel long distances, our range of traction driven, walk-behind and ride-on pallet trucks ensure maximum productivity at a reasonable price.


Aluminium and steel scaffolding, our easy scaffold self-lock steel scaffold frames don’t require bolts and nuts or other time consuming assembly methods and are a winner when it comes to saving time and money. Although aluminium scaffolding is more expensive, the one man assembly and dismantling makes a lot of sense for artisans, maintenance staff, painters and sign writers. Whatever your scaffolding requirements call us now.


Stackers are generally split into 3 groups: manual lift with push pull hand operation, electric lift with push pull hand operation semi-electric, electric lift with traction drive system, ride on or walk behind. Manual stackers take a maximum of 1 ton, up to 1.6 metres and are the most economical option. Semi-electric stackers take a load of up to 1.5 tons to heights between 1.6 meters and 3.5 meters. Traction driven stackers are for travelling long distances either as walk behind or ride-on units. A maximum load rating of 2 tons is available with various heights up to 4.5 meters.


Tough durable EEZEESTOR bins are manufactured from high quality materials. They are available with wall mounted panels, single or double sided free standing units, mobile units or can simply be stacked on top of one another. EEZEESTOR bins are available in a range of colours i.e. red, blue, yellow, green, white or grey. Please contact your nearest branch for bins or storage systems not shown.


All options including gravity and motorized systems automate your production lines, stores and despatch, placement rollers are also available.


GRAVITY ladders conform to the following specifications SABS 1304/1980, M Spec 276 E and T 2182. GRAVITY ladders are available with various load ratings, Type 3 household, Type 2 industrial, Type 1 heavy duty industrial, Type 1 A extra heavy duty industrial (136 kg). GRAVITY ladders are available in various configurations, step ladders, folding wonder ladders, single pole ladders, multipurpose step extension ladders, push up extension ladders, rope operated extension ladders.


SUPERLITE fibreglass ladders conform to the following specifications ANSI 14.5, SCSSCABF 1, SABS 1304/1980, T1768 and BBB 068 Version 4, SUPERLITE fibreglass ladders are available in various load ratings. Type 1 heavy duty industrial, Type 1 A extra heavy duty industrial. SUPERLITE fibreglass ladders are available in various configurations, step ladders with fibreglass sides and aluminium treads, step ladders with fibreglass sides and treads and aluminium rivets, step ladders with fibreglass sides and treads and stainless steel rivets, single pole ladders with fibreglass sides and aluminium rungs, multipurpose step extension ladders, push up extension ladders, rope operated extension ladders.

The SA Ladder range of products are constantly being improved and expanded. Our fully trained staff are able to fulfill your needs, but we are far from complacent, by striving for improvements both in product and knowledge we are able to maintain our position as leaders